hiking in beacon

the weekend before we went apple picking, we headed up to beacon, ny to spend a little bit of time in the woods. we climbed the 1.75 mile Fishkill Ridge Trail up to a beautiful overlook of the Hudson. after the hike, we grabbed some sandwiches and headed home. it was a perfect day trip.

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apple picking

the summer months FLEW by, and here we are in fall. though i have hundreds of pictures of summer fun waiting to post, i thought i’d go ahead with something a bit more of the season. we went apple picking! and it was glorious. last saturday we packed up the zipcar and headed to fishkill […]

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where have i been?

hey there! it’s been a while. glad to see you here again. i’ve been working on a few personal projects over the past couple of months and would love to share them here. as you might have noticed, this blog over time has become increasingly more about images than words. i took a bigger jump into the […]

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