why blog?

in what has seemed like the blink of an eye, i find myself blissfully mid-motherhood, spending everyday, all day, with my adorable 6-month-old little man.

in addition to my stay-at-home mom duties and outings with the little one, i also fill my weeks attending the occasional mom meet-up, teaching a couple children’s music classes and occasionally checking in with the husband at work.

I do have to admit, it’s better than I ever imagined.

I get to spend most of my days photo (19) staring at this sweet face,IMG_6153squeezing these little legs, IMG_6794 and kissing these delicious cheeks.

not to mention having a first row seat watching this little man become more curious, more skilled and more grown-up each day.

even as blissful as this time has been (and I would imagine it continuing to be), it is not without its challenges. the mom meet-ups are a great place to gab about our kids, but beginnings of conversations are cut short by typical kid things and usually never finished. and the engaging and often more complete conversations I can have with my husband are limited to evenings and weekends.

so what’s a chatty, conversation craving mom to do for the other 9 hours a day?

that’s where you come in…

I’m hoping that this blog becomes a place to connect and converse with you all.
a space where i can share the thoughts I have at 8m and get some feedback that is more than just “ba-ba-ba” and “eeeeeeee!” (as delightful as those sounds can be).

and also, don’t you just want to stare at photos of this adorable one all day? me too.

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