squash, pears and beans.

after a weekend of cool mornings, the weekday was met with another brisk, sweater-worthy sunrise. a sunrise which i happened to witness, thank you little man.

so… i am calling it.

fall is here.

sweaters. pumpkins. boots. crunchy leaves. apple picking. scarves. halloween. apple cider. corn mazes. pumpkin beer. football. cool weather. my wedding anniversary(!). and the swiftly approaching thanksgiving and holiday season.

fall is clearly the best.

and how else to spend a beautiful autumn monday than to roast up some butternut squash and pears to mash into baby food?  i also threw in some green beans to the mix as a farewell to summer (and because i need to include some greens in the little man’s diet).

feels great to have cut, cooked and puréed three different foods in one day.  could not have been done without the little man being so chill and adorable, watching me from his stroller (yes, we keep our stroller in the kitchen… where would you keep yours in a one-bedroom new york apartment??).

So here’s the thing about my lovely day of puréeing a week’s supply of baby food….

it’s still in my fridge, yet to be divided into portions and frozen for future use.

See… I have a 6-month-old, and he would rather be held and played with than observe me cut, cook and clean up his next few meals.

Ok, little man, you win.

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