this is going to be a long day.

as my sweet child takes his first nap at 7:45am this morning, let me take a moment to say good morning to you all.  (that’s right.  i said NAP.  anyone else been up since 5am?)

there is nothing like a wide awake, cooing, kicking child who squeezes your forearms with his little hands as you try to change his diaper by the glow of a small owl nightlight.  when said child decides that this diaper change is not just a brief interruption to the night’s sleep, but rather is the start to the day, you can be certain that the extra 2 hours of awake time makes for a long morning.

it’s 8:15am and i’ve already played blocks and read a book with my kid, put him down for a nap, had my coffee and a little breakfast, and read the news.  what’s next?

good thing it is super chilly outside.  the little man and i can bundle up and take a long fall morning walk.  and when you have a kid who is as cute and sweet as our little man, long mornings are the best.

time to go pick out a sweater.

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