long sleeves.

it is that time of year… the weather cools and the scarves come out. (!)

it is the time when light jackets are pulled out from the back of the closet, and dressers and drawers are emptied, organized and re-stocked with seasonally appropriate choices.

usually this is a process that happens two or three times a year, trading in swingy summer dresses for sweaters and slacks or the reverse.  this year, however, i have undertaken said switch three times in the past six months!!

instead of the seasonal changes of socks for sleeveless shirts and the like, the clothes are much smaller and, in fact, not mine.

i knew babies grew fast, but i had no idea that we would be going through so much clothing!!  it feels like the little man wears an outfit two times before he is busting through the seams (though this may be thanks to his above average roly-poly thighs and quickly expanding little belly)!!

with each turn-over, i find myself excited for what’s next, yet also nostalgic for what’s been.

as i pack away these too-tight t-shirts and extra-short pants, i wish that time would slow a little bit.  folding each outfit brings memories of past firsts, afternoons in the park, long naps when he fit in my arms head-to-toe.

but i also can’t wait to see what is next as this little man becomes more grown-up. new sizes of onesies and pjs bring also the promise of future firsts – steps, words, sleeping through the night (please?!) – not to mention the certainty of many more clothing turn-overs.

so, parents, here’s to what’s packed and past and what’s new and next.

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