it is the first day of october.

the word itself brings images of ghosts and pumpkins, candy corn and apple cider, black cats and costumed children. pairings that should stir the hearts of young and old alike.

but i’m going to be honest with you…

halloween has never been my favorite holiday.

it’s not all bad… fall weather and free candy? yes, please.  but silver bells and sparkling trees are really more my jam.

when i was younger the anticipation of filling a pillowcase full of candy was overshadowed by the fear of the spooky houses on our street and neighbors who made me recite the entire gross version of the trick or treat rhyme. (if you don’t remember, the second line was ‘smell my feet…’ need i continue?) the words weren’t really up my alley.

when i moved to new york, halloween became yet another day that masses of people in the city dressed up in crazy outfits and drank too much no-no juice.

last year, the hubby and i attended his work party dressed as mary poppins and bert. it was the first time in about 15 years that i actually felt a bit caught up in the halloween spirit.

real simple oct 2013imagine my surprise, then, when i opened this month’s real simple magazine and felt an excitement level akin to that of christmas morning (gasp!).

a black and orange table laden with treats
a pumpkin flanked fireplace with a candle covered mantle…
oodles and oodles of adorable kids in costume.

i am one excited momma.

though it will probably be a couple of years before the little man understands halloween enough to truly be excited, i think i’m going to really enjoy celebrations from the parent perspective.  everything happening this first year is happening for the first time in our little one’s world.  so with each annual event, not only am i experiencing my memories of years past, i am also helping to create brand new memories for my kid. and in doing so, i also get to live them as if for the first time.

so bring on the black and orange.  i’m pumped.

(if i am this excited about halloween, just imagine what the winter holidays will bring!  …prepare yourself, husband.)

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