cabin fever.

i made the mistake of staying inside all day yesterday.

it seemed like a good idea at the time. we had a very full weekend of traveling and family and unfamiliar places. i thought that a day inside, spent mostly in our pjs, would be a nice balance to the hectic (albeit very enjoyable) long weekend.

after an entire day indoors, however, i woke up this morning feeling not rested, but antsy and anxious.

see, in my plan to rest and recuperate i seemed to have forgotten how easily i can get cabin fever. and this morning it came on fast and fierce.

so i fought the urge to just sit on my couch all day, anxiously going over my to-do list, while not actually getting anything done (am i alone here? anyone else face this battle?).  i pulled my unwashed hair back into a ponytail, threw on a sweater and some jeans and headed out for a walk.

a little fresh air makes all the difference.

we ended up at the swings.  and we were both pretty happy about it.

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