housewife heaven.

i’m drinking delicious coffee. actually, i think it’s only just good coffee, but made immeasurably better by the fact that it is in this beautiful new mug. it’s a great start to the week.

i’ve been out of the blogosphere for over a week.  many things have happened.

i’ve been working on things like this.

we bought new dishes from crate and barrel. everything tastes better and i actually like washing the dishes. #housewifeheaven

other additions to the kitchen include these amazing and beautiful glass cubes.
they are the perfect size, store in both the freezer and fridge beautifully and seemed to be made to last a long time.

i love the idea of feeding the little man from glass instead of plastic.  it feels healthier and more sustainable.

and i have been inspired to make lots and lots of baby food.  pumpkin and pears and peaches, sweet potato and zucchini and apples, and all the combinations possible.

lastly, in food news, i made my first crock-pot meal.  a lasagna. my husband and i tried it to make sure it was not deadly.

photo (3) photo (4)we then fed a few friends who came over to watch the little man as we went on our very first DATE NIGHT in 8 months.  we had a fantastic time.

in other news, halloween happened. here is the hubby’s take on our evening.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

it’s been a fantastic week.  how has your week been?

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