living in new york, you can have one of those ordinary weekends that you look back on fondly – no rental cars or traveling outside of the city – just a relaxing couple of days in the city.

… and then you think about the events of that weekend and realize that many people would call it anything but ordinary – date night at carnegie hall, and a long afternoon at the american museum of natural history.

ordinary for us is vacation-worthy for many others.

last night over dinner the husband and i reflected on the weekend and counted our 1

as members at amnh, we head there at least one weekend a month.  you can always see something new or take a deeper look at things you’ve already seen.

walking through each exhibit in the museum i am left in awe of how insignificant i am considering how much else exists.

there is the dark hall of biodiversity with suspended, swimming creatures and a walk-through rainforest; halls of human origins from every corner of the world showing instruments and implements in some cases centuries old; and of course the fossil halls, where you will find the intimidatingly huge t-rex.

(and i didn’t even mention the earth and space center or any of the special exhibitions.)

wandering through the hall of northwest coast indians during our visit this past weekend, we overheard an announcement for storytime in the museum shop.


we made our way there and discovered a little alcove in the mezzanine level with comfy chairs, a few families and an amnh staffperson reading the pout pout fish.  

it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.  the little man left with a yellow balloon and a smile on his face.

we’re hoping that this place becomes one of the little man’s favorites as he grows older, more curious and more aware of the world. it already is ours.

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