on sleep. or lack thereof.

you know that warm feeling that washes over you when you see a picture of a beach with crystal clear water and soft white sand?  as if all of the stress that was wrapped around every organ and appendage on your body suddenly softened?

that’s the feeling i get when my kid finally falls asleep.

when his eyes close, his arms and legs settle, his head finally sinks the extra few millimeters into your chest, and it all stays that way for more than 15 seconds.

you know the feeling, right?

today at naptime, i waited for those 15 seconds and then finally took a deep sigh of relief because he was actually, really, asleep. and i realized that this process of getting to sleep (and staying asleep for that matter) has become way more stressful than i ever expected.

not only is naptime a challenge, but the little man doesn’t sleep at night.  he wakes up minutes after we climb into bed, no matter the time, and proceeds to whimper through the rest of the night.

i watched a video of comedian michael mcintyre this morning (people with no kids don’t know) in which he said,

"things that you don't even consider to be things will become nearly impossible."

vacuuming the floor, blowdrying my hair, sleeping through the night: nearly impossible.

am i alone here?

i’ve heard and read a lot of pro-sleep-training advice.  i get the appeal and have at times seriously considered it.  but how does anyone do this in a one bedroom apartment? (and would i really be letting my baby fill his body with toxic levels of cortisol?)

i know this can be a touchy and personal subject, but i’m interested in hearing your stories.

new york parents… what are your thoughts on sleeping?

my sweet little man, one week old.
my sweet little man, one week old.

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