Snow Day and Holiday Happenings

I am pleased to report that even after leaving my full time teaching job in a public school, my excitement about and love for snow days is still deliciously intact.

Though the only boss I have to report to today is my 10-month-old, I joyfully join you who are sitting at home instead of at a desk in celebrating the beauty of a snow day.

I thought I would take advantage of this one with a cup of hot chocolate, a napping infant and a chance to catch you all up on the goings on in this household.

In the spirit of the “12 Days of Christmas“, here are 12 important moments from the past couple of months:

1. I made a cake.  AND the frosting… DSCF5415a first for me. though it doesn’t look like much, i’m quite proud.

2. I also made a turkey.IMG_0209(and stuffing and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and cranberries and gravy and a pear cake with rosemary syrup for dessert)

3.  We gave the little man his first hair cut.

and after…DSCF4880(further development of baby mullet avoided. phew.)

4. I attempted a photo-a-day challenge for december and failed.

DECEMBER-PHOTO-A-DAYi think i got through #12.  you can see them on my instagram.
i’m planning to make up for it in 2014 (ahh, hopes for a new year).

5. My parents gifted me a new fujifilm x-e1 camera.  
here are some pics from it’s first outing:DSCF4720 DSCF4674i’ve been shooting with it now for a couple of weeks and it is so cool.

6. we all sat around jammed a lot.
the red guitar is over 30 years old-it was dad’s toy when he was a kid.

7. we spent lots of time outside.
DSCF5257 IMG_2730

8. my parents came to town and we played tourist for the day.

9. we became members of the met museum.
the little man had a really nice time exploring.

10. we went to SANTALAND!
a first for all three of us.  it was well worth the two hour wait.

11. we learned that Christmas is infinitely better with a kid.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

i had an idea it would be pretty great, but it was the best i’ve ever had.

12. we toasted the new year.
best year of our lives.  i can’t wait for more…

hope your holidays were happy and healthy,
and the new year brings you much joy.

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