my 11-month-old boss

i read this post by once working now stay-at-home mom meriah nichols this afternoon, in between feeding my son bites of squash and bananas and playing peek-a-boo.

(yes, i read blogs during mealtimes while my kid busies himself with smashing banana bites between his hands and fingers. i like to call it parallel play.)

not only do i share the author’s last name (no relation), but i also share the naive pre-child ideals of what it is to be a stay-at-home-mom. and the somewhat harsher reality check of what it really is like.

i don’t think that i expected it to be easy. but i certainly did not have a clue what it would be like.

full of clutter, endless to-do lists, cuddles, soft sleeping whimpers, diapers, thrown food, interrupted sleep, adorable tiny outfits, loneliness, lots of baby food, lullabies, games, giggles, strong arm muscles, an increasing ability to do things one-handed, conversations that stop and start and stop and start again, a dread of car rides, playlists full of kids’ music, surprising gushes of overwhelming love and adoration, the feeling that time is speeding by, minutes that last for hours, moments that you don’t want to end, and often the awe that this is all really happening.

i know that being home all day with your kid(s) is definitely not for everyone (i love this mom‘s inner monologue recount of her day), but even in the most challenging moments i am grateful for my little 11-month-old boss.  he’s the best one i’ve ever had.

we’ll see what happens when the next (god-willing) comes along…

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