from my feedly

in the spirit of the birth of this blog
(that of increasing the connection of moms
and parents in new york and beyond),
i give you…

‘from my feedly.’

in what i hope will be a weekly installment, i’d like to share some articles, blog posts and other random such items i have liked.

i hope that you find something within here to be
or insightful.

happy reading.

super refreshing take on being a SAHM. very inspiring.

monthly activity ideas from a very proactive mom.

here is her plan for january.  and february.

and another crafty idea in case you are facing a snowy weekend.

a mother’s charming tale of a wintery day in nyc… with three kids.

i taught in a school that had no recess. this article nails it.

mmm… city bakery’s hot chocolate.

valentine’s day treats.

oh nutella.  how do i love thee? let me count the ways.

and a classic marinara recipe.

moved by anything?
(nutella pudding, i know.)
let me know what you think in the comments below.

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