happy birthday theo

picking a name was not easy.

we went through books and webpages and short lists and long lists. we would decide on a name and then drop it a few days later with a list of reasons why it just wasn’t the right one.
and then we’d do that again and again.

naming another person is not a task to be taken lightly.

we considered the meaning, the origin, possible nicknames,
famous (or infamous) namesakes.
was it a family name? did it match with nichols?
did it feel right?

after nine months of deliberation, i think we nailed it.

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meaning: divine gift.
origin: greek.
nicknames: theo, tedddy, teddy bear,
bubba bear, my sweet boy, my little man
namesakes: a bunch of important people from the early centuries;
theo huxtable; dr. seuss; AND the great theodore roosevelt.
family name? yes.
match with nichols? we think so.
feel right? absolutely.

306101_10151260892026367_703125415_nour little divine gift turned one yesterday.
and he has been the best gift we could have ever imagined.

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