I’m very particular about how my music is organized. I create playlists for all sorts of categories – different modes of transportation, times in the day or mood I’m in.

currently the playlists on my phone are divided among folders titled ‘roots’,’ trunk’, ‘branches’, and ‘leaves.’ the former containing artists like gillian welch and nickel creek; the latter, adele and the last five years soundtrack. totally arbitrary, but this is how my brain works.

if you know anything about songza (the music player website and mobile app) you won’t be surprised that i was instantly enchanted.

songza’s main page changes depending on the time of day, offering you options of playlists based on what might be going on in your life at that particular moment.  for example, this afternoon my songza homepage read:

songza home page

so for s&g, i clicked ‘quitting your job’ (not that i have any intention, i have the best job in the world), and was taken here:

songza quitting your job

and of course felt that beats were the way to go, so i clicked into ‘“office space” rap’ and was taken here:

songza 'office space' rap

ladies and gentleman, this was just ONE of the MANY different routes you can take to ultimate music choice satisfaction.  if you aren’t feeling any of the options suggested, you can do your own searching around. they offer lists of stations based on activities, genres, moods, or decades.

and if thats not enough, you can peruse songza daily for some more topical and timely options. (click here to see their mother’s day stations.)

i hope that songza brings you as much joy in selecting your daily soundtrack as it does for me. 

i’ll leave you with a few of my favorite stations and encourage you to go find your favorites and share them with me in the comments section below.

my favorites:

Coffee Shop Sway – a good breakfast soundtrack to pair with a cup of joe and ease into the morning.

That Sweet Mumford Melancholy – for the morning walk to get your body and mind moving.

Songs Your Kids Will Love – a KIDZ BOP Playlist! – a good playlist for a morning playdate. fun pop songs for the grown-ups and kids alike.

Dixieland Jazz – bring on that hot swinging sound. pack up some lunch and get outside.

Back Porch Americana – your lazy lunchtime picnic soundtrack.

The Daughters of Folk – for you, while the little one takes an afternoon nap. get a book and a cup of tea and a brief rest.

C’mon, Get Happy! – when you need a dance party in the afternoon. totally random song choices. i love this station.

Timeless Pop-Rock Hits – best for the hour between when dad comes home and dinnertime for the little one.

Big Band Swing – i love to listen to big band music while cooking.

Acoustic Bedtime – when everyone just needs a little chill. equally good morning, noon or night.

happy listening.

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