move your mind

you may have noticed that I disappeared from the blog world in april. I spent the month feeling unsettled and antsy. I wanted to spend my time daydreaming rather than dealing with the present.

I was uninspired and unmotivated to blog about anything.

this period of waning inspiration is common, especially among artists. and, according to elyse sparkes, it’s important too. she calls it part of the cycle of creativity, “continually moving from a dark, locked up, stuck place to a place of brilliant illumination and then back again.”

elyse, along with artist eliza lynn tobin, created a four week free e-course designed to support this cyclical process, helping participants to unlock creativity, overcome obstacles, and cultivate balance. it’s called “move your mind” and it’s happening now.
mandala move your mind
through weekly emails, elyse and eliza offer simple, five-minute prompts in movement, mandalas, and mindfulness. i decided this May to set an intention to find some inspiration and I am making the time to join in. and, though i’ve missed a few prompts, I can say for certain that my mind is moving.

I feel more grounded in the present and more connected to each moment. I feel inspired. I feel hopeful. and I feel grateful.

elyse and eliza, I’m so excited to be a part of this with you. thank you for bringing me to a balanced and more present place in these first few weeks. I’m excited for what is to come.

follow [parts of] my journey on instagram.

if you want to learn more about move your mind, or even join in on the final week, visit the facebook page or check out elyse’s website.

have you been inspired by anything recently? share it with me in the comments. id love to hear about it.

(the beautiful mandala featured above was created by eliza)

5 thoughts on “move your mind

  1. This brought the biggest smile to my face. I’m so glad this course is resonating with you. It warms my heart because THIS: “I feel more grounded in the present and more connected to each moment. I feel inspired. I feel hopeful. and I feel grateful.” …was one of our intentions in creating this course. So happy to have you joining us for this! xoxo

  2. Hi Carrie
    I found the ideas in “move your mind” so interesting I signed up for the last few weeks. Always enjoy your blog . Thanks Linda

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