the questions i’m asking myself

once a week my husband, topher, has a basketball game with the urban professionals league. (i fully expect that someday theo will be as equally skilled in basketball as in soccer, just like his dad.)

on his game days theo and i will usually head downtown and meet him for a post-work and pre-game dinner date.

yesterday it was so nice out that we ate outside on a bench in washington square park.


IMG_0736  IMG_0738

and then ended up (you guessed it…) at the playground. (editor’s note: these photos are from our dinner date at the same park last week.)





PME29228 - Version 2

after we were all played out, we strolled through the park past the very same arch that i walked by for years during my undergrad at NYU.


as we walked, i was struck by how far away that time of my life felt and yet how fresh were some of the memories from those years. like the first day i ever walked through the park on my college audition, feeling so excited and hopeful at the prospect of moving to this city that i already LOVED. then, as a freshman, sitting on a park bench people-watching and feeling very small, yet full of potential to become something big. and the many, many evenings i walked home through the park, watching the dusk turn the sky above the arch to a steel gray – such a beautiful hue when highlighted by the yellow windows in the buildings nearby.

i grew through my years in this park.

and now here i am with my kid!!! and he’s sitting in his stroller watching a drummer busk as hoards of people walk by.


i wonder what he thinks of all of these people. does he recognize the arch? or even notice it?

i wonder about how he will grow through his years in this park. will he be a kid who splashes and swims in the fountain? will he be one of the skateboarding teenagers who never wear jackets when it is way too cold for just a t-shirt!? will he be a crooning, guitar-playing busker, stealing the hearts of onlookers?

i wonder what growth is in store for me. how many years will we be in this city, walking through this park? how will our family grow? what will i be doing in 5 years? in 10?…

i will discover the answers to all of these questions – probably all too soon. for now,  i’ll just sit still in the present and appreciate such a beautiful evening with my family.


 ps: topher’s team won both games! seems like dinners in the park are good luck.

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