a day in the life

a couple of months ago i came across this comic about life with a toddler.

so, so true.

if you want a closer look into what a typical day is like in our household, though, here you go…

PME21126PME21216 PME21163 PME21182 PME21198 PME21247PME21308PME21317PME21327PME21343PME21365PME21368PME21376PME21384 PME21398PME21401PME21432PME21461

PME21466PME21372PME21478PME21535PME21532 PME21570 PME21538 PME21582PME21585 PME21587PME21639PME21647PME21684PME21709PME21722 PME21752PME21774 PME21790 PME21808 PME21815 PME21823PME21886 PME21928PME21957 PME21972 PME21999PME22015 PME22050PME22056

and we’ll do it all again tomorrow.

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