what to do when you have cabin fever


last week theo and i had a serious case of the mondays. by 8am we both had crazy cabin fever, so we hopped on the train and headed to central park to get some fresh air.


and we met a horse! she actually came over to say hi and almost nuzzled theo.
can you blame her?

20140929-4  20140929-520140929-3

after a couple of hours, we were plenty tuckered out and headed home.

then on wednesday, we joined our friends for a trip to the central park zoo.

20141001-16 20141001-27 20141001-2820141001-26 theo 3 tunnel20141001-25 20141001-24 20141001-22 20141001-23 20141001-21 20141001-20 20141001-19 20141001-18  20141001-15 20141001-14 20141001-13 20141001-12 20141001-17

it was our first time to the zoo and theo had a blast! a first visit of many, i’m sure. (thanks to our friends for getting us in on a guest pass!)

after a strolling nap for the kiddos and lunch for the moms, we headed to the sheep’s meadow to kick around the soccer ball.20141001-11 20141001-720141001-10 20141001-9 20141001-5  20141001-220141001-3  20141001-420141001-1

it was nice to have spent so much time in the park last week. as the leaves change and the air cools in these next few weeks, we’ll be back to see more.



5 thoughts on “what to do when you have cabin fever

  1. What a great outing you had, there are so many wonderful things to do in NY. Theo will certainly be a city guy. Reminds me of my nephew James who grew up in San Francisco. Even as a little guy he took care of the parking meters when I visited.

  2. Carrie! This is my first time seeing this post – I loved our date in Central Park and the Zoo. Special times for sure. Thanks for freezing that sweet day in the life of our boys and their mommas 🙂

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