the peak of fall

it seems like almost everyone picks a weekend in the fall to get out of the city and up north somewhere.

this past weekend we, too, headed out of town to visit family in vermont – a trip long overdue.

here’s a look at what we were up to…

vermont-14099vermont-vermont-14044vermont-14079vermont-14071    vermont-14094vermont-14035  vermont-14126 vermont-14130 vermont-14116vermont-14122 vermont-14164  vermont-14141vermont-14176  vermont-14168vermont-14199vermont-14194apple gallery vermont-14241 vermont-14233vermont-14249 vermont-14252  vermont-14290 vermont-14302 vermont-14300vermont-14329 vermont-14341 vermont-14358sheep gallery  vermont-14390vermont-14401  vermont-14411 vermont-14410vermont-14407 vermont-14419 vermont-14427 vermont-14415vermont-14457 vermont-14459 vermont-14522   vermont-14510 vermont-14512 vermont-14475vermont-14481vermont-14477vermont-14487 vermont-14544

we picked the perfect weekend to go (look at those leaves!), and were so grateful to spend time with our family.

photo cred to my wonderful husband for taking a good number of these pictures (including the bald eagle).

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