a farewell to october

we are in a rainy post-halloween haze here in the nichols’ household.

here’s our little biker pre and post neighborhood halloween fun…


^checking out his loot from the neighborhood parade^

this time last week, we were enjoying the beautiful weather in one of our favorite neighborhood locations – fort washington park.

here are some pictures from last saturday.

fort washington oct 25-14708 fort washington oct 25-14684 fort washington oct 25-14693 fort washington oct 25-14715 fort washington oct 25-14724 fort washington oct 25-14741  fort washington oct 25-14789 fort washington oct 25-14791 fort washington oct 25-14793 fort washington oct 25-14794 fort washington oct 25-14806fort washington oct 25-14800 fort washington oct 25-14814 fort washington oct 25-14768fort washington oct 25-14825 fort washington oct 25-14833 fort washington oct 25-14846 fort washington oct 25-14859fort washington oct 25-14848 fort washington oct 25-14855

(note: some photos above courtesy of the one and only topher nichols.)

october – i’m sad to see you go. we’ve have some good weekends together (and i how did i manage to not even mention here that we were married mid-october?! #wifefail #lifewithatoddler), but i’m glad to welcome november and the coming winter.

do you have any memorable moments from october to share?

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