a sunday in chicago

we brought along the real camera for one day of our trip to the windy city and captured some choice touristy moments.


chicago-15149 chicago-15156 chicago-15152 chicago-15168 chicago-15173 chicago-15182 chicago-15200 chicago-15207 chicago-15227 chicago-15232 chicago-15210 chicago-15208 chicago-15219 chicago-15241 chicago-15256 chicago-15269 chicago-15273 bench duo carrie theo chicago-15311 chicago-15310chicago-15329tractorchicago-15324 chicago-15319

the lincoln park zoo pictured here was completely free and HUGE! we only got to a fraction of the whole thing before this little man was tuckered out.

we left with such nice memories of chicago.

any good chicago stories out there? favorite places you’ve visited in the city?

(note: photo cred to the one and only topher nichols for some of the pictures above.)

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