bon appetit, it’s time to eat!

cooking class broccoli dup

when a good friend approached me about signing up theo for a cooking class, i had no idea what to expect. with the colder months approaching and a bunch of theo’s buddies already signed up, we scheduled a trial to see what it was all about.

cooking class-15825

we were hooked in the first 5 minutes. deniz akiska, the instructor, guides the class through each step in her sweet and patient way, even adding a catchy mixing song to allow each kiddo time to take a turn.

cooking class-15798 cooking class-15789 cooking class-15807

the littlest ones work up an appetite, too.

cooking class-15812

theo is almost a year younger than the rest of the kids in the class, which i thought might be challenging, but he is really learning how to take turns – waiting and watching patiently.

cooking class-15824cooking class-15821 cooking class-15829 cooking class-15831

ever curious, this little one…

cooking class faces duo cooking class-15833 cooking class-15834 cooking class-15845  cooking class-15882

after putting the broccoli in the oven to roast, and mixing up a dipping sauce, the kiddos take a coloring break.

cooking class-15861 cooking class-15864 cooking class-15876 cooking class-15895cooking class-15869 cooking class-15877 cooking class-15885 cooking class-15879cooking class-15856 cooking class-15901

each week we make something delicious and healthy. from roasted edamame to pesto pasta to pumpkin muffins, there hasn’t been one dish that theo hasn’t tried and (mostly) gobbled up.

cooking class-15903

at the end of every class, we wait until everyone has a dish in front of them and together we say, “bon appetit, it’s time to eat!”

too cute, right?

i’m so glad we were asked to join in. it’s easier now to find things for theo to help me with when we’re cooking at home, and i’m able to use a lot of what we’ve learned in class to keep him involved.

do you have any favorite classes to take with your kiddos?

this was the first toddler cooking class offered at bread & yoga. for more information on their cooking and nutrition classes, click here.

4 thoughts on “bon appetit, it’s time to eat!

  1. Theo seemed to fit right in despite his young age. What a teriffic experience for all the kids. Loved the photo of the little gut looking into the oven!

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