#calitonyc | november edition

nana's visit-15492 leaves duo nana's visit-15538 nana's visit-15473 nana's visit-15485 nana's visit-15495 nana's visit-15498 nana's visit-15493 nana's visit-15533

two weeks ago today theo and his nana were climbing across the george washington bridge, down the spiral slide, and across the dinosaur’s back. we spent the morning at j. hood wright park, enjoying the crisp air and crunchy fallen leaves.

nana's visit-15545 nana's visit-15563 nana's visit-15572 playville duo nana's visit-15551

we are lucky that nancy travels from california to new york several times a year. the four days we spent together were full of snuggles, laughs and lots of love.

nana's visit-15389 nana's visit-15405 nana's visit-15415 nana's visit-15428 nana's visit-15356 nana's visit-15746 nana's visit-15759nana's visit-15688 nana's visit-15709 rockets trio nana's visit-15663

thanks for the visit, nana!


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