christmas in january

xmas in jan-17056 xmas in jan-17059 xmas in jan-16909 xmas in jan-16905

we visited my parents over this past weekend and dipped back into december.

xmas in jan-16901 xmas in jan-16900

my mom has quite the collection of our childhood christmas crafts on the fridge and lots of other holiday decorations all around the house.

xmas in jan-16898 xmas in jan-17103 xmas in jan-16875xmas in jan-16926 xmas in jan-16928 xmas in jan-16933 xmas in jan-16937 xmas in jan-16884 xmas in jan-16887 xmas in jan-16890 xmas in jan-16895 xmas in jan-16957xmas in jan-16876 xmas in jan-16925 xmas in jan-17112 xmas in jan-16990 xmas in jan-16951

it was nice to spend some time with family – my parents, grandparents and especially theo’s cousin everett.

xmas in jan-17125 xmas in jan-17127 xmas in jan-17129 xmas in jan-17133

these two are just too much, aren’t they?

xmas in jan-17137 xmas in jan-17138 xmas in jan-17143

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