shapes and sappy things

theo solving puzzles-17353

we bought this shape sorter when theo was tiny – six months old, maybe. way before he knew his shapes let alone could match them with their corresponding holes and fit them together.

now he sits, a month shy of his second birthday, easily matching and naming the shapes and colors.
he asks for help if and when he (rarely) needs it and finishes the whole thing in less than a minute, only to empty it out and start all over again.

theo solving puzzles-17357 theo solving puzzles-17361 theo solving puzzles-17360 theo solving puzzles-17363 theo solving puzzles-17364

i’m all kinds of sappy over here, thinking about my little man turning two;
amazed by how much he has learned and changed and grown;
grateful that i get to spend every day watching this all first-hand.

theo solving puzzles-17356

2 thoughts on “shapes and sappy things

  1. What a wonderful experience you and Chris are giving Theo. Just read a great article about how critical early (0-3) development gives kids such a tremendous start on life. And Theo is getting the best! And Auntie Linda is having fun watching too:)

  2. You think you’re sappy. Imagine watching your child’s child grow like Theo is. He is a beautiful boy and you two are doing a wonderful job raising him.

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