woah, snow

snow day-17623

we broke our staying-inside-all-bundled-up streak yesterday and headed out to play in the snow.

here are a few photos…

snow day-17580 snow day-17579 snow day-17549 snow day-17567 snow day-17561 snow day-17601 snow day-17600 snow day-17629 snow day-17635 snow day-17659 snow day-17661

just as theo noticed that the sky was getting darker, the street lamps turned on!

snow day-17652 snow day-17647snow day-17639

then we headed home, tired but happy.

snow day-17670 snow day-17684 snow day-17687 snow day-17692

short, sweet, and a total success.

7 thoughts on “woah, snow

  1. i can’t believe how grown-up our boy looks in some of these… especially the first one when he notices the street lights.

  2. Carrie!
    What a precious post. These pictures are just so fun. I have to say, I usually see Topher in him most but, there were quite a few of these that showcase your facial features and expressions! That one where he sees the lights turn on – it’s you!
    Thanks for sharing Momma!

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