on cold days: a farm and a trip to the beach

theo solving puzzles-17335 theo solving puzzles-17323theo solving puzzles-17345

these first weeks of 2015 have been cold and windy and snowy; the kind of days that you just want to stay bundled up inside.

here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to…

we have (mostly) been passing the time with lots of markers, books and puzzles (and, let’s be real… an episode or two of daniel tiger). we dusted this farm puzzle off the other day and gave it a go.

theo solving puzzles-17343 theo solving puzzles-17342

theo is becoming increasingly more independent, curious, and focused in his play. he sat with this puzzle taking the pieces out and putting them back in three or four different times.

a couple of months ago he would have asked for help with every piece.

theo solving puzzles-17315theo solving puzzles-17310

as he plays he talks to himself.

“farmer, fit there!” and “uh oh, no fit. try again.”

(the ‘try again’ thing is just the cutest, right?)

theo solving puzzles-17321theo solving puzzles-17307 theo solving puzzles-17305theo solving puzzles-17327theo solving puzzles-17328theo solving puzzles-17330   theo solving puzzles-17308

after a while he grabbed a bucket, put all the animals in, and proclaimed that he was heading to the beach!

theo solving puzzles-17348theo solving puzzles-17349

i want some sand and sun too, kiddo.

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