#calitonyc | winter 2015 edition

calitonyc march-46

theo turned two yesterday (pictures to come…) and our california family flew in for the big occasion. we are so grateful to have nana, grandpaul, and uncles caleb and john in town.

calitonyc march-45 calitonyc march-44 calitonyc march-43 calitonyc march-40calitonyc march-38 calitonyc march-36 calitonyc march-35 calitonyc march-33 calitonyc march-34 calitonyc march-31 calitonyc march-30 calitonyc march-29 calitonyc march-28 calitonyc march-25 calitonyc march-22 calitonyc march-23

last night we bundled up and hit the (very small) slopes at our local park. this was a sledding first for both theo and his uncle caleb.

calitonyc march-19 calitonyc march-18 calitonyc march-17 calitonyc march-16 calitonyc march-21 calitonyc march-20 calitonyc march-12 calitonyc march-8 calitonyc march-7 calitonyc march-6 calitonyc march-4 calitonyc march-3 calitonyc march-2 calitonyc march-1 calitonyc march-9

they all head back to california tomorrow, and we will be sad to see them go.

theo is a lucky kid to be surrounded with so much love.

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