where have i been?

hey there!

it’s been a while. glad to see you here again.

i’ve been working on a few personal projects over the past couple of months and would love to share them here.

as you might have noticed, this blog over time has become increasingly more about images than words. i took a bigger jump into the photo world and started Carrie Nichols Photography. if you are in new york (or know someone who is) and need a photographer, please get in touch. i’d love to meet you.

also this past month i dove deeper into the world of indoor light through an online course. it is pretty remarkable what kinds of light you can find indoors, even in a small new york apartment. here are a few images i captured during the run of the class.

mnli image share carrie-13528 mnli image share carrie-10449 mnli image share carrie-13215 mnli image share carrie-13152 mnli image share carrie-12691 mnli image share carrie-11811 mnli image share carrie-10548 mnli image share carrie-13315 mnli image share carrie-11271 mnli image share carrie-12340 mnli image share carrie-10746 mnli image share carrie-12992 mnli image share carrie-10670 mnli image share carrie-13527 mnli image share carrie-13600

thanks for sticking with me here.

til next time, take care.


One thought on “where have i been?

  1. Sounds like you’re also having fun with your new projects. You’re motivating me to get out and do some creative exploring myself. The photos are stimulating.

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