hiking in beacon

fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-01 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-02 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-03 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-04 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-05 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-06 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-07 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-08 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-09 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-10 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-11 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-12 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-13 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-14 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-15 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-16 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-17 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-18 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-19 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-20 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-21 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-22 fishkill_ridge_hike-20150914-23

the weekend before we went apple picking, we headed up to beacon, ny to spend a little bit of time in the woods. we climbed the 1.75 mile Fishkill Ridge Trail up to a beautiful overlook of the Hudson. after the hike, we grabbed some sandwiches and headed home. it was a perfect day trip.

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