hello, old friend

Well, here we are again.

It has been a while since my last post. I invested a good bit of time and energy building up my photography business and let this blog hibernate for a bit. About a year and a half later I am back at it and, friends, we have much to catch up on. In lieu of a lengthy explanation of what we’ve been up to, I’ll keep it short. Here is a list of highlights accompanied by a sampling of the time passed in pictures.

In 2016…
| We adventured in our neighborhood, around the city, and also upstate via the Hudson Line train.
| We visited both sets of grandparents in California and Pennsylvania, and they in turn came to see us in New York.
| We took a summer trip to Boston and Maine where Topher had a work conference, and we spent lots of time on and in the New England water.
| We traveled to Seattle where I attended a photography conference, and we got a good dose of the beauty of fall in the pacific northwest.
| We played, laughed, grew, and all of those other good (and occasionally hard) things that come with the passing of a year.
| In late December we found out that our family is growing by two! We are expecting boy girl twins, coming anytime between now and August 20th.

I’ll share more on this last point in a future post. Until then, here’s 2016 in pictures…

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