hi there. welcome to new york momma.

i’m really glad you’re here.


first, a few introductions…

the little man you’ll see plastered all over these pages is my darling and dearest son, theo.

born march 1, 2013, he is a bundle of joy – full of laughs and lots of rhythm.


topher pic-3992the tall and handsome man you’ll see kicking around a soccer ball, building lego towers and doing all those other dad things is my husband, topher.
he is an incredible father and a loving husband, and i am grateful for him every day.


nana saturday-15602


and me! i’m carrie. usually the one behind the camera, but occasionally topher will snap a few with me in the frame.
apart from all things baby i also love teaching, taking photos, and trad jazz.



motherhood is very full and yet sometimes lonely, so i started this blog to connect. many of our friends and family members live far, and i wanted a space to share updates and stories of our day to day. i also wanted a place to connect with you – parents and photographers and others who are interested in what goes on in our lives. i hope you will share your thoughts and stories with me too.

for more information on photography services, please visit carrienicholsphoto.com

i look forward to getting to know you.

   IMG_9332 (1)



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