farewell, 2014

2014 marked the first full calendar year for newyorkmomma.com. here are some highlights... january. my 11-month-old boss. february. snow day. march. par-tay. april. happy easter, mr. president. may. happy mother's day. june. the questions i'm asking myself. july. fourth of july. august. the little red lighthouse. #calitonyc. september. a day in the life. summer wrap-ups no. 1, no. 2, [...]

i’ve never seen my child so excited to eat something (apart from strawberries)

the other night my son INHALED his spaghetti dinner, with accompanying chomping noises and even a couple "bye-bye"s as he downed each bite. you can see him eating the leftovers for lunch with the same gusto in this instagram video: here he his. my little italian boy. eating up his pasta.