farewell, 2014

2014 marked the first full calendar year for newyorkmomma.com. here are some highlights... january. my 11-month-old boss. february. snow day. march. par-tay. april. happy easter, mr. president. may. happy mother's day. june. the questions i'm asking myself. july. fourth of july. august. the little red lighthouse. #calitonyc. september. a day in the life. summer wrap-ups no. 1, no. 2, [...]


here is what happens when your 14-month-old discovers the sound that comes from headphones... my kid has got some moves. truly i'm not surprised though, considering how his dad can break it down... stand down, ladies! the man is taken.


we celebrated theo's first birthday with friends and family at our house this past saturday. it was a really lovely day. theo has these baby lit books - the classics adapted for kids. they are beautiful and so clever. one of his favorites is moby dick, so we created a sea inspired party for his [...]