christmas in january

we visited my parents over this past weekend and dipped back into december. my mom has quite the collection of our childhood christmas crafts on the fridge and lots of other holiday decorations all around the house. it was nice to spend some time with family - my parents, grandparents and especially theo's cousin everett. [...]

farewell, 2014

2014 marked the first full calendar year for here are some highlights... january. my 11-month-old boss. february. snow day. march. par-tay. april. happy easter, mr. president. may. happy mother's day. june. the questions i'm asking myself. july. fourth of july. august. the little red lighthouse. #calitonyc. september. a day in the life. summer wrap-ups no. 1, no. 2, [...]

the peak of fall

it seems like almost everyone picks a weekend in the fall to get out of the city and up north somewhere. this past weekend we, too, headed out of town to visit family in vermont - a trip long overdue. here's a look at what we were up to...                            [...]

my 11-month-old boss

my 11-month-old boss

i read this post by once working now stay-at-home mom meriah nichols this afternoon, in between feeding my son bites of squash and bananas and playing peek-a-boo. (yes, i read blogs during mealtimes while my kid busies himself with smashing banana bites between his hands and fingers. i like to call it parallel play.) not only [...]

week two

a week late on this one, but for good reason. we've had a PACKED two weeks. family visited here in ny, then we boarded a plane and headed to california for even more family time. here's a glimpse of our lives a week ago: my brother flew in from colorado, stopping in ny on his [...]